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La mia Bresaola is really as I like it!
I learnt to prepare My Bresaola when I, still a very young boy,
used to help my family in the back shop.
From here I could smell and feel the pleasure and the satisfaction
to work by using my hands, the satisfaction to be a craftsman.
I savoured again the actions of the past and I got carried away…
…Deciding to make everything by hand!
I chose every single piece, picking the best ones up,
I took again the knife in my hands to carefully trim each by each
and I spread them with the salt mixture
prepared according to my secret recipe.
I rubbed any single piece,
alternating rubbing and rest periods,
in order to allow the salt mixture to be uniformly absorbed.
I put every piece into a gut and I let each one
take its natural, free and round shape…
…And I remembered the pieces of Bresaola
hanging tidily in row behind the butcher shop counter.
I carefully and patiently followed
the delicate drying and seasoning phases and finally…
What a satisfaction… La mia Bresaola!
Inside, there are the taste of the genuine food
and its beautiful red colour, which make me feel like taste it natural,
slice after slice.
Above all, there are fourty years of experience and devotion,
and the instinctive passion for my job.
I looked at it and I thought
“This is La mia Bresaola!”
and I decided to simply call it that way.
I created a special package for it, preparing an elegant box.
Then, I numbered all of them, one by one,
to make each of them definitely unique.
Final touch… signature, so that it is really mine.

“This is La mia Bresaola!”

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